Elementary School

Christian Elementary School

The private Christian elementary school program (Kindergarten through 5th grade) at Cornerstone is a place of excellence in the classroom. Students are challenged to think critically, problem solve and apply what they are learning to real life situations through unit studies, academic activities and field trips. At our private elementary school, teacher directed lessons, guided practice and independent work are examples of the many instructional methods used to help meet the needs and learning styles of each of the students. Student interactions and hands-on learning experiences not only teach academic concepts, but also reinforce Biblical principles and truths and help guide the children to a more clear understanding of who God is and how they can reflect His character in their daily lives.

Our Christian elementary education program focuses on the integration of Biblical worldview, the development of Godly character and the cultivation of a life of service and ministry as students learn and grow throughout each year of their faith-based educational development.

A girl student and a teacher in middle christian school