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CCS Tuition Schedule 2020-2021

Kindergarten-8th Grade Tuition

Grade Level (K-8th grade)

Registered before March 31, 2020

Registered after March 31, 2020

Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary (K-2nd Grade)

$ 7,000

$ 7,200

Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th Grade)

$ 7,300

$ 7,500

Middle School

Middle School (6th-8th Grade)

$ 7,600

$ 7,800

Multiple Child Annual Discount for K-8th Grade

Families with 2 children:


Families with 3 children:


Families with 4 children:


Families with 5+ children:


Fees K-8th --unless otherwise noted (per child)

New Student Application Fee: $25

New Student Registration Fee: $100

Current Student Re-enrollment Fee: $50

Curriculum/Technology Fee (K-8th): $250

Middle School Missions Fee: $50 for 8th grade, $50 for 7th grade and $25 for 6th grade

Incidental Fees

*Athletic Fees for Elementary Soccer and Basketball (cost of t-shirt only–if needed).

*No Athletic Fees for Middle School sports (Please note that each participating middle school student will need to have a physical in order to participate on CCS sponsored athletic teams during the school year).

*Field trips occur throughout the school year and the student’s teacher will let the office know how much it is per child/parent and your family account will be charged. If a child ends up not going on the field trip, your family account will be credited that same amount.

Billing Procedure and Refund Policy

*Parents may pay tuition in full or in ten monthly installments. Payments are due by the 1st day of each month. The initial payment is billed on July 15 and due by August 1. If the school receives payment after the 5th of the month, we will apply a service charge of $25 to that tuition account.

*If an account becomes more than 2 months past due, children are subject to suspension until the school receives full payment or the Principal receives and accepts a suitable repayment plan from the student’s parents. The school office will release the end-of-year report cards, student achievement testing results and transcripts when all financial obligations are met.

*If a student withdraws from CCS for any reason or if a student enters after the school year has begun, the school prorates tuition charges according to the actual number of months enrolled. We consider any partial month as a full month for tuition purposes. In most circumstances the tuition/ curriculum fees will not be prorated with a month. The school makes no tuition deductions or refunds due to student absences for any reason during the school year, regardless of the cause of such absences. If parents choose to withdraw their child before the school year begins or during the school year, written parental notification must be given to the school office. The effective date of the student withdrawal is no earlier than the receipt date of the written parental notification. No refunds will be given for the registration fee ($100 per new student or $50 per re-enrolled student).