Faith based schools beautiful campus


We believe all students can and want to learn.

We value the potential of the individual as uniquely created by God and seek wisdom to help each student realize his/her full academic potential. 

We value communication and strive to help each student gain a thorough comprehension and command of the fundamental processes used in communicating with others, such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, observing and modeling.

We value organization, order and discipline by encouraging the use of good study skills.

We value the truth of creation and teach students to develop an understanding of the order and design in creation and the laws which govern its processes and interactions.

We value God’s world and seek to develop an understanding, appreciation and an awareness of man’s role in his environment, and how to use and preserve it properly.

We value good citizenship and promote it through developing the understanding and appreciation of our Christian heritage of responsible freedom, human dignity, and Biblical acceptance of authority.

We value math as a way to understand God’s order and we seek to develop an understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and skill in using them in everyday life situations.

We value education as a lifelong goal and promote lifelong learning.


students in classroom in theocentric christian education