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Ministry to the Community, Nation, and World

In response to Acts 1:8, we give students multiple experiences reaching their world with the love of Christ. Beginning in elementary school, each class reaches out to our community with an age appropriate ministry project. Projects include visiting the senior day center in Timberville, decorating bags for meals on wheels, One Great Day of Sharing Food Drive, making food and a myriad of other ideas. Once students progress from Christian elementary school into middle school, outreach extends further into the community and world. Sixth graders spend an evening working in the community then take a day long field trip to Washington D.C. in hopes of sharing a “goody” bag with a homeless person. In seventh grade, the students travel to an urban area to work in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter for an extended week-end. In eighth grade, students fly to Mexico and work alongside a small mission church in a poor district of Mexico City. Each experience gives the students an opportunity for God to reach their hearts and spoil them for Kingdom advancement for the rest of their lives.


Student teamwork activities in a faith based education