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October 29, 2019

Annual Student Mission Trips at our Faith Based School

For more than twenty years, Cornerstone Christian School’s students have given and received transformative experiences through their annual mission trips at our faith-based school.



At our Christian school in Virginia, our student mission trips program provides your children with the opportunity to receive a larger worldview. Through local and international trips, students are offered growth and learning experiences that stretch them to hear and see God at work in tangible ways. Our school’s leadership team, including our Principal, lead the trips to provide caring supervision and ensure your children maximize their learning.  

At Cornerstone Christian School, we believe that when students’ attentions are directed outside of themselves, they become even more empowered to use the gifts God has given them to change the world into a better place. 

private school student trip Harrisonburg VA



student mission trips at christian school VA



8th Grade: Mexico City, Mexico

Through our annual spring trip to Mexico City, our 8th Graders learn more about foreign cultures, build relationships, and serve a small house church.

In recent years, our students have invested in the church through painting walls, building shelves, and providing other needed repairs. They have gone on prayer walks through the local community, prayed over families, and listened to stories. They have also led worship, shared the gospel through acting, and shared testimonies. A particularly meaningful activity for the students is when they’re able to lead a Children’s Day program where they go around the neighborhood and hand out invitations to the children and then help run an event where local children come and play games, learn songs, make crafts, and hear about Jesus.

7th Grade: Virginia Beach, VA

Our students have served through a VA Beach church by cooking and Serving meals to homeless families, supporting a food shelter, and contributing to a school that serves military families.

6th Grade: Day Trips in Washington, D.C. and Harrisonburg VA

CCS Students have created “bags of hope” to give to the homeless in D.C. Students take time to connect with the person they’re serving, have a conversation, and pray for the people they meet there. They also annually work with the Salvation Army by serving meals to the homeless in the Harrisonburg area.

<6th Grade: Day Trips in Rockingham County, VA

Even the youngest children at our Christian elementary school get to participate in day trips through acts of service. Our second-grade class annually visits a local elderly center to play games and have lunch with the residents. Our fourth-grade class recently conducted a food drive, and also recently, our students washed all the vehicles of the Rockingham County Sheriff’s department as a blessing to them and a second-grade class visited a local elderly center.




Cornerstone christian school’s student trip to Mexico


Cornerstone Christian School’s first student mission trip took place more than twenty years ago in 1999. The opportunity to connect with a church in Mexico City came from one of our staff members whose church had existing connections there. We knew it would be a great experience for our 8th Graders to learn from and serve individuals from another culture.

It has been exciting to grow with our friends in Mexico. A profound amount of spiritual and personal growth occurs over such a long time period, and the children from our Christian private school in Harrisonburg VA who first visited Mexico City with us twenty years ago are now adults. It’s been amazing for all of us at Cornerstone Christian School to witness how the seeds our Mission Trips blossom into beautiful things. The students who have attended our trips emerge better equipped to engage with local challenges and to become world changers in their high school years and beyond. 


We’d love to host you for a visit so that you can learn more about enrolling your child or children at Cornerstone Christian School. At our school, they’ll receive the types of transformative experiences that only a faith-based school can give. Click here to contact us and schedule a visit.