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November, 2018

Serve A Thon 2018: Serving First Responders – November 2018

Each year the school conducts an annual Serve A Thon event which also serves as a fundraiser. We believe a service projects is in line with our school mission of ministry to others.
The whole school embarks on a service project for the community while also seeking sponsors for their time of serving. We are thankful for our families and business sponsors who support CCS and Christian Education. The money raised makes a big impact on our budget and allows CCS to continue to offer a top Christian Education.

Serve A Thon 2018 CCS students served area First Responders over a period of three days. The first day, Harrisonburg City Police had lunch with our students at school. The next day, students washed vehicles for the Rockingham County Sheriff’s department and the third day, students visited local Fire, Rescue, and Police stations. Students delivered baked goods and prayed over the First Responder.

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